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New Study Finds Bleach Increases Risk Of COPD By 32%

A new study at Harvard University and the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (Inserm) has reported that using bleach just once a week increases your chances of getting the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The study followed nurses who were working in healthcare with no history of COPD and followed them until May of this year. 663 nurses were diagnosed with COPD. The nurse's exposure to bleach, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol was assessed.

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Each was found to be associated with an increased risk of COPD that ranged from 24 to 32%. A researcher at Inserm, Dr. Orianne Dumas, said "To the best of our knowledge, we are the first to report a link between disinfectants and COPD among healthcare workers, and to investigate specific chemicals that may underlie this association. We need to investigate the impact of COPD of lifetime occupational exposure to chemicals and clarify the role of each specific disinfectant."

Dr. Dumas went on to say "Two recent studies in European populations showed that working as a cleaner was associated with a higher risk of COPD." Dr. Dumas is set to present the study's findings on Monday at the European Respiratory Society International Congress in Milan. COPD affects 1.2 million people in the UK alone and nearly 30,000 people die from the deadly disease annually.

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