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Looters In Florida Have Been Caught Thanks To Help From This Video

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While one of the biggest exoduses in US history is going down as people are evacuated, criminals in Florida see Hurricane Irma as a green light to take advantage of the disaster. Videos have emerged showing looters breaking into stores during 130 mph winds and stealing everything that isn't nailed down. One such video shows African Americans going into the back door of a Foot Locker and emerging with handfuls of loot. The best part is the looters don't appear to be poor and destitute because the vehicles they are loading stolen merchandise into are all newer models. The Fort Lauderdale Police Department has since announced the criminals involved in the Foot Locker looting have been arrested.

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In another video, this one from ABC Local 10, looters smash a store front window to get inside then emerge with armfuls of merchandise. It is unclear if the two videos are connected in any way but it seems as if the looters are doing so with the specific intent to profit instead of stealing necessities to survive like food and water. People on Twitter expressed outrage at the looting labeling them "the worst kind of people." Rick Maglione is the Fort Lauderdale police chief and he said, "Going to prison over a pair of sneakers is a fairly bad life choice." Instead, the police chief says, "Stay home and look after your loved once and be thankful they are all safe."

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Hurricane Irma has already claimed the lives of 25 people, mostly from flattened areas in the Caribbean islands, Cuba, Puerto Rico and now the Florida Keys are at risk. The storm is the largest in recorded history at 400 miles wide and has been category 5 at it's most deadly point. Over 6 million people in Florida have been evacuated, another 5 million have been left without power and facing 130 mph winds. The hurricanes are causing massive storm surges, the giant walls of water have been reported to be up to 15ft high in the coastal regions.

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Anonymous No. 7921 2017-09-11 : 12:14

Why doesn't someone write an App, that allows charging supplies to your Cell Phone / Bank Account on the go?

OH! that's right there is such an App. these are CRIMINALS.

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