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Todd Beamer's Last words on United Flight 93 Let's Roll

Todd Beamer was an American passenger on United Flight 93 when it was hijacked as part of a coordinated terror attack that ended with the loss of thousands of lives. Beamer was born on November 24, 1968, and was just 32 years old when he and other passengers attempted to take back the flight they were on from hijackers.

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Todd became known for his last words, "Let's Roll" which he told his wife after explaining he was going to try to take back the plane. The plane was one of four that were hijacked by Islamic Terrorists from al-Qaeda, the other three were crashed into major infrastructures World Trade Center and Pentagon. If not for the brave actions of Todd Beamer and the other passengers who fought to take back the plane more lives would have been lost. In total, 2,997 people were killed in the attacks and another 6,000 were injured. Estimates put the damage caused by infrastructure and property damage at $10 billion dollars.

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With September 11 rolling around again this year, it is important to take a moment to acknowledge the sacrifice that the American heroes like Todd Beamer made that day. Beamer was married in 1994 to his wife Lisa. The couple both taught Sunday school and worked in youth ministry. Beamer was raised with a Christian background and a strong work ethic.

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