By: Savannah Smith | 09-11-2017 | News
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"What Happened?" You Lost! Get Over It, Hillary!

Defeated presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has serious problems - bordering on the sick - on moving on. While her conqueror President Trump is busy governing and taking charge, tackling many problems left by former President Barack Obama, the American people focus on more current and relevant issues, of which Hillary is not included. Her own party is already preoccupied with trying to stay afloat to have a fighting chance in the 2020 presidential elections, and yet here is Hillary still stuck with the whats, whys and hows of her humiliating presidential loss.

Hillary’s latest “inability to move on” syndrome is a statement she made while promoting her book on her election defeat “What Happened” ( in the first place, who does that - people are interested in reading and buying (!) books that tell them why certain famous people are “winners”, why would they bother with paying for the loser’s tale in Hillary’s case?) saying she did not prepare for a concession speech, fully confident that she would get to deliver a victory speech instead last year.

She also recalled how she couldn’t “muster a concession speech” because she “’hoped Trump’s electoral college wins would somehow be a mistake.” No, they certainly were not erroneous. He won, she lost.

And Hillary is still feeling very emotional about the loss ten months after. She said: “It is still very painful. It hurts a lot.” She added: “I had not drafted a concession speech. I’d been working on a victory speech.”

Aside from preparing a victory speech in anticipation of what she thought would be an easy win, Hillary also bought a second home in Chappaqua that she intended to serve as a guest house to accommodate more staff for the “Second Clinton Administration.”’

She said of what could have been a best-laid plan then: “Well, I know a lot about what it takes to move a president. And I thought I was going to win.”

She also recalled the pain of having to attend Trump’s inauguration as she was silently seething how to her standards, he did not do it right.

Actually, she’s just masking her regret that she should have been on the platform being sworn in, and not him. But it wasn’t meant to be for her. The nation is moving on, and moving well in spite of the usual disagreements, as is normal in a healthy and vibrant democracy where fundamental freedoms are guaranteed. Only Hillary is clinging on to last year, that’s so done and over with.

Hillary promised she’s done being a candidate, but not with politics. What she probably can’t understand is the American people are also so done with her. Even her own party does not want her around, either as a candidate or an endorser, for everything she touches is like “the kiss of death.” She’s just too dense to get the cue that she should just fade away.


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Ben No. 7959 2017-09-12 : 05:29

She won more votes then Trump. Simply said the people of the US wanted her more then Trump. Your election and voting system is just plain wrong

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