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Attorney General Jeff Sessions wants to Use Lie Detectors to Root Out Leakers

According to those within the Justice Department, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is fed up with the endless leaks that are occurring in government.

The Trump Administration has repeatedly condemned the Federal Bureau of Investigation for their lack of making arrests in the cases of National Security Council leaks which put America and her National Security at risk each time something is leaked from the White House.

As of now, there have been multiple terminations and replacements within the -Trump Administration but the leaks simply continue.

Whether or not it's Obama holdovers or the Deep State who's blackmailing new and top level appointees or even wiretaps from the CIA that's responsible remain to be seen.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however, remains vigilant in attempting to find and destroy those responsible, and it's clear he's fighting an uphill battle in doing so.

Now those close to Sessions are reporting that the Attorney General has floated the idea of using polygraph tests (lie detector) in order to root out who or what individual(s) are responsible for the constant spring of leaks.

It's a brilliant ploy, albeit some Marxist sect will likely bring into question the ethics of such a proposal, possibly suggesting its illegal or a violation of privacy.

However we're talking about the safety and security of the United States of America here, and privacy shouldn't be a concern when it puts at risk the lives of hundreds of millions of American citizens.

Jeff Sessions idea is being reported to do a mandatory one-time polygraph of every member of the National Security Council, including low-level staffers and those at the very top.

It sounds brilliant, and there truly shouldn't be any complaints if such a measure was to be taken to ensure that the faucet runs only clean and fresh water instead of springing moldy or contaminated leaks.

If the proposal becomes a reality, interrogators would then perform the test on every NSC staffer who's employed by the Federal Government, which is well over 100 staffers, and ask each of them individually what they may or may not know about the leaks of the transcripts of the President's phone calls with foreign leaders.

The Attorney General is said to suspect that those leaks came from within the National Security Council, and strongly advocates that a polygraph test would at minimal strike fear into the minds of those considering potential future leaks.

Sessions have reportedly warned all associates that he feels strongly about focusing on the leaks of President Trump's phone conversations with foreign leaders because there's only a tiny fraction of individuals who would have had access to such high-level classified transcripts.

There have been many rumors that those closest to President Trump could be responsible with other outlets claiming there is some sort of attempt at subversion of the Trump Administration by those same individuals.

We're not into hypotheticals however, and until there is some evidence to support those claims it's up to the Federal Government to do it's job and hunt those responsible down no matter how high ranking they may be or how close to the President they are, <i>they must be charged with treason and violating federal law, make no mistake about it the leakers must be prosecuted.<i/>

The idea that the President of the United States can't have private conversations with foreign leaders without being monitored is outright ridiculous and seriously threatens the United States of America both at home and abroad as well as removes the legitimacy of the Presidency and our sovereignty to believe that some other entity or entities have an authority over our elected leaders.

A spokesman for the Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Ian Prior, has so far declined to comment on any plans for such a measure to be taken.

It's truly remarkable that this far into an Administration that no action has been taken so far to implicate those responsible for the leaks or bring them to justice.

It speaks volumes about the infiltration of the American Government for a force or forces from abroad in which have interests other than America First at heart.

At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist, it's clear there's a war going on inside the government between Nationalism and International Communism, albeit I'll leave it up to the reader to determine who is behind each of those fights.

Such endless leaking of classified information risks the lives of each and every one of us in America, on more levels than most even realize. Conversations the President of the United States of America and foreign leaders are having could be related to international politics or even military conflict or top secret threats posed to America that could be exploited by those who wish to destroy us and our way of life.

Some will remember that Generals under President Obama similarly leaked classified information, one specifically was James Cartwright who actually leaked such classified intel to David Sanger who then published the works in his book.

Then President Obama actually granted a pardon to Cartwright, which in effect stated to those in the military that cracking down on leakers is essentially pointless if they'll later be pardoned.

To me, it doesn't matter if you've spent your life serving in the Armed Forces when you leak classified information you've become a traitor and a criminal, but I admit I'm a bit of a fascist when it comes to ensuring the safety and security of the United States of America, something that I've taken criticisms for in the past in attacking those service members who committed crimes.

However, as I've said before, <i>while I deeply respect those who serve the United States of America</i>, the moment you leak classified information <i>that service is null and void and you are a criminal</i> in my eyes.

This is a nation of law and order, and I applaud the actions of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and hope he follows through with bringing those men or women to face justice in a court of law.

Some would say the leaker(s) are possibly former intelligence agents, members of the CIA or NSA or even the FBI.

If that were to be true they would likely have the expertise to not only cover their tracks with digital fingerprints such as IP addresses, login records, geolocation data, or any other incriminating evidence being destroyed ahead of time.

Either way, they must face judgment for their crimes, regardless of who they may be.


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Zookeeper No. 7901 2017-09-11 : 03:59

So they expose a bunch of criminals… I guess they are criminals. Dismissing the atrocities they exposed just to satisfy your own selfish view, makes you no better than the criminals that have been exposed, thanks to whistleblowers. You're not a patriot in any sense of the word, just deluded.

SuMarieB No. 7928 2017-09-11 : 13:36

I agree. Let Jeff Sessions expose and hold accountable those who put National Security at risk.

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