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'The Red Pill' director, Cassie Jaye to Speak at National Conference for Men in San Diego

Cassie Jaye, the award winning documentary maker behind the film The Red Pill will be in San Diego this month for the 40th anniversary of the National Coalition for Men. Cassie will be just one of the speakers in attendance. Harry Crouch, NCFM President, will be acting as Master of Ceremonies for the conference that will feature Dr. Warren Farrell (author of <i>The Myth of Male Power</i>), Canadian Men's Right's Activist Karen Straughan and other authors, activists and public speakers.

Time permitting, there will be a screening of <i>The Red Pill</i> on Thursday or Friday evening to be followed by a Q&A session with director/producer Cassie Jaye. If you haven't seen <i>The Red Pill</i> it's highly advised to check it out. A sensitive and thought-provoking peek inside the seldom scene side of the Men's Right's Movement, <i>The Red Pill</i> is the only film of its kind. Despite (or partially even because of) <a href="">enormous media backlash including petitions to shut down screenings,</a> the documentary beat out Disney and Marvel movies at YouTube and other media streaming sites. This is unheard of for independent films and documentaries, much less both. In this author's opinion, just a testament to how much the issues truly resonate with the public.

Cassie's film, despite being awarded the Women in Film award, has been referred to as "misogynist propaganda" by some (including some who admittedly didn't bother screening the film). Making the film was a "Red Pill" in itself. Since leaving the feminist camp, she's found herself attacked by "concerned feminist men" like Andrew O'Keefe and We Hunted the Mammoth's Dave Futrelle. Though she fears it could have been career suicide going through with the film, Cassie feels it was worthwhile considering the lives it has and will change for the better.

"I probably won't be getting institutional support like I once did," she admitted in a June interview.

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You can buy the film at Amazon or stream, rent or download <i>The Red Pill</i> online at Amazon Prime, Hulu, YouTube and other sites.

Cassie also just appeared this weekend in Marin County for a TEDx Talk. If you have seen <i>The Red Pill</i>, be sure to check out "The Raw Files" at <a href="">Cassie Jaye's YouTube channel</i> or get early access to the episodes by signing up at her <a href="">Patreon Page</i>.

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