By: Steve Dellar | 09-10-2017 | News
Photo credit: @Chinaplusnews | Youtube

Breaking - China: "We Will Back North Korea If the US Strikes First"

In a surprise move, China has made it known via backdoor channels that it would back North Korea should the US decide to strike first.

China’s administrators know that the US administration has been studying their military options today.

From the pictures released just before the impact of Hurricane Irma, it is clear that President Trump was holding a meeting with both his Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and his Secretary of Defence James Mattis, which can only be interpreted as a study of viable options left on the North Korean situation.

And, the White house press releases told of calls with both Britain and Australia about North Korea's latest nuclear test at the same time.

Knowing that a military strike can therefore not be far off, Chinese officials knew that they were cornered and not wanting to be the only one to veto any United Nations proposal which will surely come tomorrow during the meeting of the Security Council, they moved swiftly and had one of their senior military advisers tell an NBC reporter that China would: “Back North Korea If The US Strikes First".

Adding to this, the Chinese military adviser said that should the regime of Kim Jung Un make the first move, China would not intervene.

This new information of course leaves the White House administration with less military options to choose from.

China is North Korea's most important ally, biggest trading partner, and the main source of food and energy. If the United Nations proposal which the US aims to put down tomorrow for the cutting of any oil supplies would be accepted by all security council members, North Korea will soon run out of commodities needed for the production of further nuclear weapons.

China's support for North Korea dates back to the Korean War of the 1950s, when its troops flooded the Korean Peninsula to aid its communist northern ally.


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