By: Steve Dellar | 09-10-2017 | News
Photo credit: Facebook / Wagner Alcocer

Groton Quadruple Murder – Naked Killer Knocks On Door

In their home on Common Street, Groton, Massachusetts, Mr Wagner Alcocer, 52 years old, and his wife were gently looking through real estate listings last Friday evening. Their computer showed them whatever was available in the immediate vicinity of the area that they were interested in.

All of a sudden they heard a knock on the door. Mr Alcocer remembers telling his spouse, don’t get up, I’ll see who it is.

When he did, he could see a naked young man standing on his screened-in back porch. The stranger was covered from head to toe in blood, very calm, and looking straight at him.

Mr Alcocer remembers the exchange quite clearly. “Help me please, help me please,” the young naked man said. “I murdered four people.”

Later that same evening, a block away from the Alcocer house, on a road where stately houses are lined up next to each other all with well kept trimmed gardens, police indeed found the dead bodies of four people.

Mr Alcocer remembers looking at the blank face of the killer and thinking to himself, there is no way this man can have killed anyone.

This chilling account provides a first glimpse into what exactly happened at 80 Common St. Middlesex.

The prosecuting District Attorney, Mr Marian T. Ryan has described the murders that took place last Friday night at “a tragic incident of family violence,” but has since foregone on providing any details or names of the victims.

Three of the victims were found inside the home, the fourth outside. A relative of the deceased said Mrs Bertha Mae Parker, 68 years old, who worked as a caretaker for an elderly couple, was among those killed by Mr Krausse.

Parker’s sister, Mary Webb, stated: “I can’t fathom why somebody would do this. It’s still such a shock.”

The killer, 22 years old, goes by the name of Orion Krausse. He is being charged with four counts of murder. According to an email from the college he went to, Oberlin College & Conservatory in Ohio, Mr Krausse was a 2017 graduate of the liberal arts school which is famous because of its music program.


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