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Ohio AG Mike DeWine has Trump Administration’s Support on ‘Marsy’s Law’ for Crime Victims

After a constant barrage of attacks against the innocent victims of both violent crimes and domestic violence in Ohio, the state is now taking action to ensure that those who are merely victims are protected.

Issue 1, is a Statewide initiative that will be on Ohio Ballots to ensure that crime victims and their immediate family members would be guaranteed rights when it comes to restitution, notification of proceedings and giving input on plea deals offered to offenders.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is throwing his support behind Issue 1, suggesting that the state of Ohio needs to do more to protect those who are affected.

“Supporting victims of crime is something that we all can agree on, because it is about doing the right thing for our fellow citizens who have been victims of crime,” DeWine said in a written statement.

The proposal is named Marsy’s Law, which was named after Marsy Nicholas who was stalked then savagely murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 1983 after a series of domestic violence issues.

The brother of Marsy Nicholas has been a proponent for such a measure for several years, and the California billionaire Henry T. Nicholas III has spent millions in advertising in order to ensure that those who are at risk as a result of violent crimes do not face the same fate as his sister.

The measure would also cover gang activities, in which Ohio has seen a string of brutal murders from criminal syndicates such as MS-13 who have killed entire families of their enemies or of those who have testified against one or more of their gang members.

The measure is expected to draw widespread support Statewide in an effort to protect the innocent and support the rule of law and order in America, something President Trump has campaigned heavily on, which helped him win regions such as Ohio with ease.

United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump Administration have been working closely with Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine in taking down criminal syndicates such as MS-13 and ensuring that the heroin epidemic being pushed by these very criminals can be combated to the fullest extent of the law.


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