By: Earnest Jones | 12-17-2016 | News

Big Pharma Stocks Plunge As Trump Makes America Healthy Again

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The pharmaceutical industry desperately supported Hillary Clinton in the presidential election because of the fact that her opponent Trump would never partner with the big pharma in exploiting Americans. During the presidential campaign, the president-elect Donald Trump pledged that he was going to lower the prices of drugs to make them affordable to the average American. This move by Donald Trump is a big disappointment to the Pharmaceutical industry since it relies heavily on the over-priced drugs to make large amounts of profits. Following Trump’s victory in the just concluded election, Big Pharma stocks are plunging.

In a statement made by Bob Fredericks of The New York Post, pharmaceutical and Biotech companies have both lost ground, Johnson & Johnson, Merck, and Pfizer have all dropped by more than 1 percent on Wednesday. Dow Jones Industrial Index topped 19,300 for the very first time as the stocks were up. Trump’s victory in the election led the drug companies stock to rally.

Everyone who intends to see a healthy America including the President-elect Trump has just got some huge victory. The Big Pharma has been running campaigns to brainwash Americans into believing that they can’t survive without their drugs, thus creating a dependency cycle that’s unhealthy. The number of people that has been enslaved into paying extremely high prices for drugs in hopes of getting cured is just overwhelming. The Big Pharma is twisted and they supply drugs to benefit themselves instead of helping the sick individuals.

The President-elect Trump will distort the current system that’s been set-up to exploit the American people and formulate policies that will benefit every citizen. Trump has called out the pharmaceutical industry like no other politician in history. Hillary Clinton and Obama were in the pockets of the Big Pharma and hence they could hardly help the American citizens.

The pharmaceutical industry’s stocks have taken a nosedive after Trump’s victory. Trump will surely drain the swamp in Washington. America needs an anti-establishment President who is willing to break the status quo that has been in place for a long time.

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