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A shocking video from landed on our desk today. In it a man can be seen celebrating his brother’s graduation wildly whilst climbing out of the window of a moving white SUV, so wildly even that he unfortunately falls to his death.

According to the local reports which we’ve read, the man was called Justin and had been celebrating his younger brother’s graduation from college.

Given that his younger brother was apparently the first in the family to graduate from college, there was understandable excitement amongst family members.

As you will see, the older brother gets quite carried away, yells “Yeahhh!” and then sticks his leg out of the window of the car, followed soon after by the rest of his body. Amid all the excitement, Justin clearly loses his balance and jumps or falls from the moving white SUV onto the road. It has been reported he died on impact.

The incident reportedly happened in the US though the exact location is unclear. The video has understandably gone viral since and many comments were left afterwards.

A certain Michael Antonio wrote: “Rip Justin he was a good man he was just celebrating his little brother’s graduation who was filming him from the next car and unfortunately this happened he will be missed.”

And another man, Mr Danny M. Greene stated that: “He’s dead. Killed on impact. He was so hype cause his brother was the first in the family to graduate high school. #RIPJUSTIN”.

Overexcitement during college graduation celebration is nothing new. Every year sees many young people getting too excited about this. The sense of relief after all the stress of studying can be a cause for widespread celebration; We recommend that you always keep this in hand if possible and, to any of Justin’s followers, don’t hang out of a moving vehicle.


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