By: Kyle James | 09-09-2017 | News
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Drunken Intruder Beats Man Unconscious after Crawling in Bed with Him and his Girlfriend

An Oklahoma man who was in bed with his girlfriend has been hospitalized after realizing another man was in bed with them. The poor man was shocked when he woke up to something touching his back even though his girlfriend was in front of him. Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux said, "He felt something behind him in bed. His girlfriend was in front of him, so he turned around to look. There was a man in his bed, cradling, if you will." That's not the kind of thing you want to wake up to.

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The big hairy intruder, Walter Gonzalez, was "'spooning' or cradling him in their bed." The man told the creepy 'cuddler' to leave and removed him from the home but Gonzalez wasn't happy about that and became violent. Gonzalez knocked out the man and continued to punch him after he was out causing severe facial injuries including broken bones. The man's girlfriend reported, "Gonzalez continued to hit him very violently in the face." Sheriff Devereaux said he, "Did quite a bit of damage to the guy." That is when his girlfriend pulled out a gun but according to the affidavit "Gonzalez laughed reached behind his back and stated 'I have a gun too.'" The nightmare scenario didn't end there, the girlfriend ran to get help and "said Gonzalez continuously threatened to kill her while videoing her with his phone."

A close friend of the couple say that the mistake was alcohol induced and is not representative of the couple or town's typical behavoir. Gonzalez has been jailed and charged with aggravated assault and battery when great bodily injury is inflicted, threatening to perform act an of violence, and burglary.

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ShaggyBee No. 7834 2017-09-09 : 16:35

This reminds me of the butthole tickler.

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