By: Earnest Jones | 12-17-2016 | News
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Rigged Debates And Puppet Journalists: Hillary Clinton’s Entire Campaign Was Run On ‘Fake News’

By now you’re probably tired of the term ‘’fake news’’ every now and then you keep hearing the same term. However, the Regressive left have relied on this buzz word to garner excuses for the awful loss of the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton as they hope to get sympathy. The fact is that Hillary Clinton ran an unappealing campaign and that she was unlikable by the majority of the U.S citizens. However, the left won’t accept the facts, instead, they’ll blame the Russians, John Podesta, and even third party voters.

It’s such an oxymoron that the Democratic nominee was all over the media addressing the issue of fake news as she branded it as an epidemic with real world consequences yet she heavily relied on the proliferation of fake news to further her campaign which stalled terribly. She was speaking at Senate Minority leader Harry Reid’s portrait unveiling. Surprisingly, she said that fake news has nothing to do with partisanship or politics adding that lives are at risk.

The flavor of the week for the left to blame fake news for their gross shortcomings in the just concluded election. They blame everyone apart from themselves. In the long run, they’ll accept the bitter facts that the mainstream media is responsible for spreading the biased fake news. The alternative media on the other hand is busy spreading the actual facts as history has proven. The likes OF MSNBC and CNN are busy spreading watered-down and fluffy versions of the truth.

The truth has finally dawned to many Americans, the fact that the mainstream media which is tasked with informing the American people has decided to spread complete and utter lies in a bid to protect the leftists who are funding their networks. Americans once believed the CNN reporters but with the current turn of events many has awakened, the polls show that majority of U.S. citizens don’t trust the mainstream media anymore.

It's time for the world to embrace alternative media outlets and join the fight for truth and freedom. Americans need to stand up for the alt-media and stop the Leftists from name calling truth seekers, this will make sure that those holding positions of power are held accountable for their actions. The oligarchist and the establishment have been pulling the strings for a long time and it’s time we the people take back our power from the elites.

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