By: Savannah Smith | 09-09-2017 | News
Photo credit: La Voix Du Nord

14-Year-Old Disabled Girl Left Mutilated After Vicious Attack by Huge Pack of Rats

A 14-year-old girl with disabilities was serenely sleeping in her bedroom when her peace was shattered by a swarm of rats that tried to eat her alive as she slept, leaving her mutilated.

The horrific rat attack left the girl identified only as Samantha “drenched in blood”. Some of her fingertips were also bitten off by the dangerous rodents while she was in bed.

The rats bit her on her hands, feet and face. The shocking attack left the poor girl with 45 wounds to her face, 150 to her hands and 30 to her feet.

The girl’s father discovered his paraplegic daughter drenched in blood whose first assumption was that she had been the victim of a "burglary gone wrong".

The father, Jerome, is now lodging a lawsuit against the landlord over claims of negligence, with reports suggesting bins outside the property were overflowing with rubbish.

He said there was no issue when Samantha went to bed at their rented home in Roubaix in north-eastern France, on Saturday.

The father could not forget how his daughter looked the first time he saw her after the rat attack. He shared: "There was blood coming from her ears. I was terrified that she might have had a brain haemorrhage.There was blood everywhere. I thought it was a burglary gone wrong."

The dad also said the girl's fingertips cannot be repaired and she suffered horrendous bites to her face, neck, hands, legs, ears and nose.

Jerome explained that with her condition, Samantha is unable to get out of bed and is less sensitive to pain, so while the rats were feasting on her, she didn't have the "presence of mind" to cry out.

Jerome discovered the incident on Saturday and Samantha has since been vaccinated. Thankfully, a rabies test yielded negative results. The family have moved to a new house.

The police are investigating the incident. The public prosecutor's office in Lille is also undertaking a probe on the matter.


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