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Video – Hurricane Irma Makes Cuba Landfall As A Category 5 – 23 Dead In Caribbean So Far

The US will likely face three hurricanes in the course of a month. After Harvey comes Irma, after Irma comes José.


1. Destruction in the Caribbean.

2. Overview of active hurricanes

3. Irma makes landfall in Cuba

4. Dutch military try to restore order in St. Maarten

The destruction continued all over the Caribbean today where two hurricanes are now pounding the island residents.

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Hurricane Irma was restored to Category 5 today as it made landfall in Cuba and continued its devastating path towards Florida.

Tampa Bay weather service updated its warning as the expected impact of Irma keeps growing. It is now forecast to hit the Florida Keys as from Sunday morning and then make its way across the state. Tropical winds will follow within the next few hours. Already wind speeds are becoming more and more elevated on the southern tip of the state.

The Tampa Bay statement: “Irma is a large and broad hurricane, so regardless of the exact track of the center of the storm, there will be impacts felt across the peninsula. It is expected to turn north towards south-west Florida later today [Saturday], bringing hurricane-force winds to much of the local area Sunday afternoon through early Monday. Hurricane-force wind gusts will likely be experienced across the entire peninsula through early Monday … Storm surge flooding is expected across much of the Florida Gulf Coast.”

Meanwhile, hurricane José is hot on its heels, gaining in strength and also expected to reach category 5 soon. With much of the Carribean islands cut from all communication after having been hit by Irma, local governments are looking for measures to warn citizens that a next hurricane is on its way and people should stay in the shelters.

The Dutch military that has now arrived in St. Maarten to help restore order (as you know, St. Maarten experienced looting in great numbers) are throwing leaflets from helicopters to warn residents that the next one is coming.

The US national hurricane center said about José that: “air force hurricane hunters find Jose even stronger … almost a category 5 hurricane”.


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