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Connecticut Serial Killer who Drove 'Murder Mobile' to Face Justice

Law enforcement for years was searching for a suspect in the gruesome killings in Connecticut where bodies kept turning up.

According to investigators, there was a specific field behind a strip mall where corpses continued to be found over a prolonged period of time.

Police say that the killer, who they say drove a ‘Murder Mobile’, would kidnap, torture, rape, then finally kill his victims before dumping their bodies into the plot.

47-year-old William Devin Howell plead guilty to six individual murder charges in New Britain, Connecticut, where he referred to the dumping site of the bodies as his ‘garden’.

The sadistic man not only admitted to killing 24 year old Joyvaline Martinez, 53 year old Diane Cusack, 40 year old Mary Jane Menard, 29 year old Melanie Ruth Camilini, 26 year old Marilyn Gonzalez, and 44 year old Danny Lee Whisenant; but said that he would nearly dress their corpses before he dumped them in his ‘garden’.

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All seven of the victims first disappeared back in 2003, but police first found three of the bodies during a series of shocking finds in 2007.

Later, in 2015 they began to excavate the same dumping site and found the rest of the bodies.

In 2015 Howell was already in prison serving a fifteen-year sentence on a Manslaughter Charge for the seventh confirmed victim, who at the time was the only death that could be linked to him.

Investigators then cooperated with prison officials to raid his jail cell, where they claim they found newspaper clippings and scrawled notes from the man where he was talking to himself bragging about the crimes he had committed.

According to one of his former cell mates, Howell stated that “there was a monster inside him that just came out” and described himself as a “sick ripper” on multiple occasions.

The arrest warrant against Howell said he claimed he sexually assaulted three of his victims and kept one of the bodies inside of his van, which he often referred to as the “murder mobile” in his scrawled noted.

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He said he kept one of the corpses beside him in the van for two weeks before finally dumping the body, and claims that he often slept next to the corpse and referred to the victim as his “baby,” according to court records.

According to prosecutors, Howell said that had he not been caught, “he was going to go cross-country and kill others” and continue his reign of terror.

With seven total murders, he’s now the state’s most prolific serial killer.

Only one other serial killer comes close in Connecticut, which was Michael Ross who had killed six women in Eastern Connecticut.

Ross was executed on Death Row in Connecticut back in 2005, though the state has since abolished its death penalty.

The New Britain Superior Court is expected to sentence Howell to 360 years behind bars which are six consecutive life terms.


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Anonymous No. 7819 2017-09-09 : 10:56

Evil as they come.

But somewhere, some one, is playing the caring understanding, touchy-feely liberal and protesting the use of the Death Sentence as inhumane

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