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Photo credit: Baldwin City Police

Law enforcement in Lawrence, Kansas say they've finally put an end to one pedophile’s reign of terror.

The 54-year-old horrific monster Edwin Wasson was said to plead guilty on Friday to two separate counts of rape in a Douglas County District Courtroom after prosecutors told the court the evil charges against him.

Prosecutors in the case say that Wasson raped the first of the two victims between 2002 and 2008 on multiple occasions and that he raped the second child between 2013 and 2015.

Each of the victims said for years they were unaware that what was happening to them was rape, instead believing that it was a normal activity between adults and children because that's what Wasson had told them.

The victims in the case are both now adults, with the first child being 23, who said she was only 7 when the rapes began, and the second child is 17, who was 12 when the abuse first happened to her.

According to was the Douglass County Jail’s booking logs, Wasson was arrested at his home in Baldwin City on suspicion of rape, indecent liberties with a child and aggravated criminal sodomy.

Baldwin City Police Chief Greg Neis said the reported rapes came to the department's attention for the first time this past May and investigators immediately looked into the case and then were able to make an arrest.

Prosecutors said that Wasson had agreed to plead guilty to the two charges in exchange for a 24-year total sentence.

Apparently, the man knew the victims and their families but no further details had been released as to what the exact relationship was between the pedophile and the children.

What's certainly clear is the world is much safer without this demon on the streets.


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Anonymous No. 7820 1504954992

It makes you wonder if there is a such thing as Elite Pedophile Groups in the USA, when a legal system allows Plead Bargains for such crimes?

Elmo No. 7855 1505011634

Lawrence is the Berkeley of the Plains. Surprised they didn't give him probation and buy him lunch.

Stephen Beegle No. 7818 1536249002
The 23 year old is my daughter , My x wife ran off to Kansas to marry this prick and now look . And there was nothing I could do thank Leagal system for getting my daughter raped
Anonymous No. 7819 1536249038
The 23 year old is my daughter , My x wife ran off to Kansas to marry this prick and now look . And there was nothing I could do thank Legal system for getting my daughter raped!!!!
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