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33-Year-Old Woman Forced a 13-Year-Old Boy to Have Sex With Her

A woman in the UK invited a boy two decades her junior to her house for a chat but once inside her residence forced him to have sex with her. The 33-year-old woman has been jailed for her abuse of the 13-year-old boy.

Nicola Fox was able to lure the initially unsuspecting boy to her home but prevented him from leaving when he tried to. Instead, she closed the curtains, slammed the door shut to prevent him from escaping and even put a table against the door. She pulled the helpless boy onto her bed and sexually assaulted him. She removed her clothes, touched him and forced the sexually uninitiated boy to have sex with her.

Prosecutor Claire Holmes said: "He was clear that he didn't want her to do this. He was telling her to stop, to get off. He was crying at one point. Her response was to tell him to stop crying, and she said that in an annoyed and aggressive tone. He felt annoyed, upset and embarrassed."

Based on the boy’s testimony his ordeal lasted for about five to ten minutes earlier this summer. He went home, took a shower and found himself hesitant to report the violation immediately. His reluctance to report the incident was also fueled by Fox’s threats against him. She warned him that should he share to anyone what happened, she would make it appear that he also wanted what transpired between them. She even sent him a message on social media with the same threat.

Holmes said the incident had a deep effect on the boy. He had lost confidence and become socially isolated. She said: "He can't think about future relationships because the thought scares him. He feels angry because this defendant has taken all of his first experiences away from him, which is something he won't get back."

Fox, of Boulevard, west Hull, initially refused to answer questions in the police interview. She later admitted to having a sexual activity with a child. She has no previous convictions.

Fox’s counsel said she could be suffering from mental illness. She had been hearing "multiple voices" around the time of the attack.

The judge sentenced Fox to four years jail time. The judge also said: "You proceeded to force yourself on him by way of sexual intercourse. He was crying, and you told him to stop crying in an annoyed and aggressive tone. Even while this was happening, he still treated you with dignity because he didn't want want to use force to you, because in his words, you were a woman and he didn't want to cause you any harm, so you took advantage of him in that way, and it's clear you took his virginity."

Fox has also been asked to register as a sex offender and was made subject to a sexual harm prevention order indefinitely.


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Anonymous No. 7847 2017-09-09 : 23:22

This is a sexual predator. She belongs right where she is. I hope they will council this young man. Hes going to need it.

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