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Backlash: Enraged Americans Vow to Boycott “Rude” Jennifer Lawrence

Could actress Jennifer Lawrence be one opportunist? She is in the thick of promoting a movie, just as the country is still reeling from the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and bracing for the impact of yet another one in Hurricane Irma, yet she took the opportunity to exploit her fellow Amercians’ sufferings from the disaster to make yet another political commentary pushing her agenda against President Trump and ensuring that her film gets the extra publicity from her stunt. Hitting two birds with one stone, eh? Pretty smart? Actually, no as she would later feel the backlash from an offended public.

Lawrence made the controversial statement suggesting that the devastation of Hurricane Harvey and the impending bombardment of Hurricane Irma is all the fault of President Donald Trump voters.

The actress made what she probably thought was a wise and brilliant during an interview with the U.K.’s Channel 4 to promote her new movie “Mother!”

Like Hillary Clinton, Lawrence is still in disbelief and denial over the election results. As such she fears that nature is out to exact its rage against Trump voters. She said in the interview: “It’s scary. You know, it’s this new language that’s forming, I don’t even recognize it. It’s also scary to know, that climate change is due to human activity, and we continue to ignore it, and the only voice that we really have is through voting.”

The interview then commented: “And you have voted very recently, as a country.” Lawrence then said the vote “was really startling,” and insinuated that she believed the natural disasters, were “mother nature” exacting revenge on Americans for electing Trump as the new President of the U.S. Lawrence said: “You know you’re watching these hurricanes now, and it’s really hard especially while promoting this movie, not to feel mother nature’s rage and wrath. I have to feel hope, you know you have to feel hope. You can’t just fall into despair. But a producer on the movie called this film, ‘an impotent howl of rage.’ It’s like a helpless howl to the moon, like, it’s just an assault.“

Lawrence has set off Trump’s supporters and Americans’ own displeasure, if not fury, with her insensitive and obnoxious comments especially at a difficult time for many citizens. They took to social media to express their disagreement and show how upset they are with Lawrence. One wrote: “Jennifer Lawrence blaming hurricanes on Trump just confirms Hollywood stereotypes

Overpriveleged, out of touch talkers with no real virtue.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Jennifer Lawrence blaming hurricanes on Trump just confirms Hollywood stereotypes<br><br>Overpriveleged, out of touch talkers w no real virtue✌🙈</p>&mdash; PinkAboutIt 🇺🇸 (@Pink_About_it) <a href="">September 8, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Another is visibly upset and wrote:” No problem, #JenniferLawrence. There's only 63M of us who will void your career….and our numbers are growing. Screw you & Hollywood!”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">No problem, <a href="">#JenniferLawrence</a>. There&#39;s only 63M of us who will void your career….and our numbers are growing. Screw you &amp; Hollywood!</p>&mdash; ItsAWonderfulLife🌟 (@NowPleaseClap) <a href="">September 8, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

And the threats- or promises- of making Lawrence feel their anger continued. Another wrote: “Opens twitter Reads, "Jennifer Lawrence said hurricanes are punishment for voting for Trump." Closes Twitter Never watches her movies again.” Another has the same sentiment and posted: “Actress Jennifer Lawrence has vilified both Christians & Trump supporters. That's a lot of people who won't be seeing her movies.”

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Opens twitter<br>Reads, &quot;Jennifer Lawrence said hurricanes are punishment for voting for Trump.&quot;<br>Closes Twitter<br>Never watches her movies again</p>&mdash; Nate Inman (@StreetsofCberry) <a href="">September 8, 2017</a></blockquote> <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>

Numerous others have posted the same message of boycotting Lawrence’s movies as a result of her insensitive and rude comments.

She was supposed to be promoting her movie, where everyone should be welcome to see it, the more people see it, the better for the actors and producers of the film. But no, apparently Lawrence is more interested in causing divisiveness and chaos in a time when many Americans are still struggling to carry on and rebuild from the devastation of a natural disaster.

Lawrence has made her own disaster, and she has no one to blame this time but herself. She reaps what she sow.


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7 Comment/s
Anonymous No. 7821 2017-09-09 : 11:23

An Liberal Hollywood ☭ wonders why Movie Attendance is way down in the last 3 years?

Suggestion to Hollywood in general.

- Shut up and Act - .

This way you won't piss out 50+% of your audience opening your mouth.

You are Actors, NOT Politicians.

Such Run to the Mic antics have NEVER helped a career, or promote ticket sales.

Kelly No. 7833 2017-09-09 : 16:28

she fails to understand that the people who go to watch HOLLYWOOD MOVIES are not the Mexicans, Muslims, Africans, Indians, Chinese etc…..they are WHITE PEOPLE that she, and all of pedo Hollyweird, depend on…

WE keep you afloat….WE pay for your movies…..WE are your income and you just bit the hands, the white racist hands, of those who feed you…low IQ fool.

Hollywood is a hollowed out corpse of hate and division… is a screeching hag….your death will be delicious….

not sure WHAT THEY THOUGHT was going to come from YEARS of slave movies (the Jews did the slave trade….but blame white Europeans….fools….learn HISTORY!)

I hate white people movies

white people are racist movies

white people are the devil movies

do you really think we are going to pay for that?

I haven't been to a movie in years, and I will never go again….we are still the majority….and movie going is a WHITE THANG….

Tim Adams No. 7842 2017-09-09 : 20:10

Ms Jennifer Lawrence is a competent actress in a series of successful, but not great, movies. "Mother!" looks to be an interesting, serious film, but despite my interests, I WILL NOT be spending fifty bucks to go see it. I and my wife enjoy the cinema, but we will never see any film starring these anti-American bigots ever, again.

Jesse Woodson No. 7843 2017-09-09 : 21:18

I don't think I can add much to what has already been said by Jennifer in particular, and Hollywierd in general. I've always liked good movies, but the Social Justice junk in them now is getting far out of hand. Keep it up, Stars, and you'll learn what Early Retirement means to you.

Versace No. 7869 2017-09-10 : 10:26

I will gladly STOP watching and paying to watch her and her movies.

I am so sick of these Idiot Lefty HollyWeird JackAsses and their Anti American, Anti Cop, Self Hating, Anti White agenda! No Thank you! You are biting the Hands that Feed you people.

Boycott Jennifer Lawrence!!

Anonymous No. 7877 2017-09-10 : 12:13

Lawrence then said the vote “was really startling

Anonymous No. 7953 2017-09-12 : 04:00

Left, Right, you're all so busy hating each other, no-one's actually looking for the truth, instead you all go to your pap dispensers instead of verifiying anything.

U ninformed

S heep of

A sininity

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