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Man Comes Home To Naked Woman In His Bed, Calls Police On The Intruder

A man in Northern California come home from work to find a naked woman asleep in his bed. He didn't know the woman but she had broken in and made herself at home. The man told police he came home and discovered a package was ripped open on his porch with a utility knife that was last seen in the kitchen lying next to it.

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He went inside and found a sandwich with a bite missing and an open beer. There was also a pack of cigarettes missing and empty beer bottles left lying around. Then he noticed that someone had used the shower and left their clothes lying around. When he made it into his bedroom that is where he discovered the intruder sleeping on his bed. The man woke her up and called 911, while he was on the phone with them the woman got dressed and wandered onto the front porch and sat down.

Police arrived and arrested Michelle Watkins, 33, on charges of burglary, petty theft and possession of stolen property since she still had the mans cigarettes when they arrested her. She is in jail since she could not post the $25000 bail.

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Anonymous No. 7801 2017-09-09 : 06:10

Go home after work and see a naked girl in your bed? Calling the cops is the last thing i would do.

Anonymous No. 7803 2017-09-09 : 06:21

Wonder if she ever made her dream of becoming a weather forecaster.

Anonymous No. 7885 2017-09-10 : 17:04

I'd wife her.

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