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Pedophiles are likely the most disgusting creatures on the planet.

Far too often are these monsters able to avoid legitimate ends due to failed criminal trials and lack of evidence as well as horrendous prosecution and gross miscarriages of justice.

That wasn't the case recently when a sickening pedophile was caught at a public park exposing himself to young children.

One of the fathers of a young child was told by his wife that the pedo had shown his genitals to the children, and the dad was absolutely furious and approached the man.

The pedophile actually had the gall to begin screaming profanities at the father of the child suggesting he would physically harm the dad.

As he began approaching the father, the dad then laid into him and defended himself totally annihilating the pedophile with his bare hands.

Instant Karma.


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Christian Gjerpe No. 7878 1505045788

Hahaha!!LOVE IT.the shit got off easy..a few kicks to the head would have been Nice.💓💓💓💓

Mark No. 7896 1505086021

Looks like colin mahoney, known pedophile and likes to expose himself to kids

Carter Burger No. 7941 1505169410

Not all heros wear capes. I'd like to buy that guy a beer. And yea, I wouldn't have left him standing.

Anonymous No. 7991 1505239564

Should have killed the prick

Anonymous No. 8018 1505294248

Pedos deserve to hang from lampposts.

Blargh No. 8040 1505314109

I sure as hell wouldn't have stopped beating that air-wasting pervert until I couldn't move my arms or legs anymore. I'd have made sure he was *not* going to see well through blacked eyes, eat well with lots of missing teeth and maybe a broken jaw, and he'd be lucky if I didn't break an arm or leg.

liz No. 8096 1505389032

This is justice served, wish it had been to annihilate the sick pervert. The dad is a hero for defending his kids and others. Making the park a bit safer. Karma

stunbeam No. 8145 1505474579

Finish the job!!!

John Howell No. 8270 1505731437

He should have been able to hold him down until police came why did that thing get in the way?

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