By: Savannah Smith | 12-17-2016 | News
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NFL Great Jim Brown Becomes Newest Trump Convert

He has yet to be inaugurated yet every day it is becoming clearer and clearer that for President-elect Donald Trump there's no overemphasizing and overdoing his commitment to forge unity and be President of all Americans. He continues to reach out even to former enemies, rivals and critics- Democrats included. This early, he is cementing his skill in winning people over, a mark of great leadership. No wonder a number of former Trump haters have made an amazing turn-around and have begun to see the incoming Chief Executive in a new and positive light.

The latest of these political converts is NFL legend Jim Brown, a staunch Hillary Clinton supporter last election. Brown along with fellow NFL great Ray Lewis met with the incoming Commander-in-Chief at the Trump Tower to discuss issues relevant to the African-American community. Brown may have entered the meeting as skeptical of Trump, but certainly came out of it as a believer.

Brown told the media that he was very impressed with Trump as he also admired the fact that the Republican leader does not hold grudges and shows a tremendous willingness to listen to people, even those who previously strongly opposed him.

The NFL greats duo made a presentation to Trump regarding the economic development in the black community and about families. Brown shared that Trump gave his commitment to do his share for their concerns. Brown also said that Trump is aware that with the value of education and if violence is curbed in the community, they will be on the right track. Brown described Trump as " not a phony."

Brown holds the distinction of being a 1971 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and eight-time NFL rushing leader. Brown's greatness did not stop with sports as he also became known for his work and advocacies for the African-American community. As an activist for minorities and inner cities concern, Brown bannered his Amer-I-Can program which was designed to "empower individuals to take charge of their lives and achieve their full potential".

Brown later revealed in a television interview that color should not matter as he shared that the three greatest people in his life were white- his high school teacher, his high school superintendent and his mentor in Manhasset, Long Island. He said his work will always focus on the human race, that is why he sees no conflict of ideology in his new support for Trump.

And when the 45th American President told Brown that " I'm in " as far as work for their community is concerned, Trump is certainly not lying or exaggerating. During the campaign, Trump famously declared that the " African-American communities in the U.S. are absolutely in the worst shape than they have ever been before. Ever. Ever. Ever." Trump lamented that this is because they've " got no jobs, education, get shot at while walking down the streets." Trump then vowed to rebuild the inner cities should he get elected as he regards members of the community as people, as opposed, he said, to Hillary Clinton who only sees them as voters.

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