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Alaska Defends President Trump over Leftist Lawsuit to stop Arctic Drilling to Save the Economy

The State of Alaska controls within its boundaries some of America's largest oil reserves in a protected environmental region.

However due to the immense damage in the wake of Hurricane Harvey in Texas it's crucial that America tap into its strategic oil reserves in order to prevent a catastrophic economic collapse with increased prices for Americans at the pumps.

President Donald Trump realizes this, being a savvy business leader himself, and America needs to become dependent upon itself versus causing more hardship for Americans who have finally seen a bolster to their wallets under the Trump Administration.

That hasn't stopped the conservation groups from attempting to push their bullshit protectionist policies onto the entire country, which would devastate the economy.

For some reason these hippie leftists think their interests are more important than that of everyday Americans, and they've filed a lawsuit in Federal Courts to stop the President from drilling in Alaska.

Contrary to their nonsense, the State of Alaska from trying to intervene, and the state filed its own motion in Federal Court to defend President Donald Trump in a lawsuit brought by the pathetic conservationist groups who are seeking to prevent drilling in the United States Arctic Ocean.

"In filing this motion, our objective is to make sure that the state of Alaska has future development opportunities in the Arctic (federal waters)," Governor Bill Walker said in a prepared statement Thursday.

Not only has Alaska backed this idea before the Hurricanes helped slow the Oil Rigs from assisting America in the Gulf, but now the state of Alaska recognizes the urgency to help.

Back in April President Trump signed an order in which 2as designed to reopen federal waters of the Chukchi Sea and major portions of the Beaufort Sea for potential lease sales to exploration companies.

President Trump also modified a December Executive Order from the failed Barack Obama Presidency, that prohibited new leases from being signed the vast majority of United States Arctic offshore waters.

Of course the ignorant conservation groups brought the lawsuit inside of a United States District Court in Alaska back in May, attempting to say that President Trump's order was “unlawful” and that agencies somehow “could not adopt it”.

In the tragic lawsuit, the plaintiffs named President Trump, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke, and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross all as defendants.

The cultural marxists involved in the lawsuit are Northern Alaska Environmental Center, Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands, and the Center for Biological Diversity.

It really doesn't matter if President Trump decided to take a shit in the Arctic, these same groups would try and sue him because they're part of a Coalition of international Communist agenda and the “Resist” movement who simply want to cause the President grief.

The groups have said that the waters support “Alaska Native subsistence activities and species listed for protection under the Endangered Species Act, such as polar bears”, but the state of Alaska disagrees, and has sided with President Trump.

How on Earth these handfuls of Soros funded hippies feel that they can speak for Alaska is mind blowing to say the least, and the boost to Alaskan economy would be huge if drilling could occur.

Several Federal Agencies have reported that as much as 40 billion barrels of undiscovered as well as recoverable conventional oil, and more than 200 trillion cubic feet of conventional natural gas, exist inside the untapped region, simply waiting on the United States to take advantage of.

We could become a powerhouse exporter, or remove all foreign imports, in a couple of years max.

A huge boost to the power and strength as well as the sovereignty of the United States of America lay inside of the Arctic reserves.

The state of Alaska says that if development would occur within three miles alone of offshore drilling, it would support the entire Alaska economy by encouraging development in waters which are leased by the state along the coast and by contributing more oil to the trans-Alaska pipeline which is crucial to the interests of both America and Canada.

Unironically it would take a huge chunk out of Russian profits, you know the nation the left likes to attack and blame so much, so one must ask why they'd not be interested in drilling in Alaska?

The answer is simple, they are cultural marxists who despise both President Trump and America.

With the state of Alaska’s support, it would then assist the federal government in its effort to have the case dismissed entirely.

The American Petroleum Institute has already intervened on the federal government's side, which it believes would create trillions in revenue.

The state of Alaska has a set forth a plan auction off leases to exploratory companies in state waters of the Beaufort Sea this winter, the motion says.

"The uncertainty of the availability of adjacent federal lands may impact the success of that sale," the state's motion says.

President Trump is trying to Make America Great Again, and Alaska just wants to be great, as the largest state in the nation, and if successful it would make the economy of California look like child's play; which is part of the reason the left is so scared about the drilling and support for Trump.

We're going to become a nationalist, self driven country the likes the world have never before witnessed, and the resistance is trying everything it can to scrape its nails into the edge of the cliff as it falls off into the abyss of irrelevance.


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