By: Steve Dellar | 09-08-2017 | News
Photo credit: Daily Mail

Man Kills Mother And Devours Her Heart with a Nice Chutney

Cannibalism was thought to have died out with the coming of the twentieth century. When western civilization was colonizing most of the world and would teach all these savages how to behave. The time of Queen Victoria and the English empire you know.

But from time to time we are reminded of the fact that in certain parts of the world, old cultures are still thriving and a bit of cannibalism is never far off.

Today we heard of an Indian man who had a fight with his mother over money, as I’m sure many of our readers have done at a certain point. However, I bet most of us then mocked for a few days until we, or our mother, apologized to the other and life went on.

Not so in India apparently.

A story came to us via our friends of Mailonline that In the Indian state of Maharashtra, the man who fought with his mother over money, Mr Sunil Kuchakurni, 35 years old, had visited his mother, Miss Yelava, 65 years old, to ask her for money. The mother refused to give it to her unemployed and alcoholic son, claiming that he would only use it to buy more alcohol.

The answer enraged the son to such a point that he stabbed his mother repeatedly with a kitchen knife till she died.

He then proceeded to cut out her heart and cook it in a frying pan. At least he followed Hannibal Lecter’s advice from The Silence of the Lambs, and added some seasoning. In Mr Lecter’s case it was fava beans, the Indian gentleman on the other hand used some chutney, which is geographically far more appropriate.

The police inspector investigating the case said: “He [Sunil] was unemployed and surviving on his mother’s pension. He’s an alcoholic and often stole money from his mother. His wife and three children moved to Mumbai. His mother was fed up with him and refused to give him more money.’”

“Some parts of her stomach and her heart were extracted and found next to the body along with pepper and chutney when we reached the scene of the crime,”


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