By: Savannah Smith | 12-16-2016 | News
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Obama Threatens Russia With Retaliation Over Alleged Hacking

President Barrack Obama begins talking tough and dropping threats against Russia for the current administration's insistence that Russia was involved in hacking and election interference in the just concluded U.S. presidential polls in November. Question now is, with only a month left before he leaves office on January 20 next year, does he have the time to carry out his threats against Russia?

Obama just said earlier today that "we need to take action and we will" in a clear message of retaliation against Russia. Obama also said such action will happen at a time and a place of America's choosing. He further declares that some of the action may be explicit and publicized, while some of it may not. The outgoing President boldly claims that he gave his threat directly to Russian President Vladimir Putin as he spoke to Putin about his feelings on the whole thing.

Russia for its part continues to deny involvement on Obama's allegations. Putin's spokesperson Dmitry Peskov today shrugged off accusations against Russia and his president's alleged involvement in the hacking and election interference. He described the accusations as " laughable non-sense." He challenged Obama and his administration to stop talking about the controversy if they cannot provide some evidence at last. Failure to present proof, Peskov said, would make all the accusations seem " rather unseemly."

For his part, President-elect Donald Trump also dismissed Obama's allegations as " ridiculous" and politically motivated." He thinks that the Russia interference card is just part of the many excuses the Democrats have for their failure to accept Hillary Clinton's humiliating loss and their inability to move on. Other excuses earlier expressed were FBI Director Comey's letter about reopening investigation into Hillary's private email server scandal, the spread of so-called " fake news" a poor political plan in the ground game in Midwestern states, among others.

Now comes Russian government supposed hackers as the Democrats's convenient culprit, or perhaps more precisely-their new scapegoat to "explain" the crushing defeat of Hillary. And Vladimir Putin, with his shrewd reputation, does make for a seemingly convincing villain.

Dems would forward any excuse, add more characters for their imagined conspiracy theories, everything is acceptable except the truth that Donald Trump won because he turned out to be the more effective candidate, with the strategic campaign and with the more powerful message that resonated with the American people.

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