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NC School Cancels Lunch Program because Mascot was War Hero who Bought Slaves to Free Them

In Fayetteville, North Carolina controversy is brewing over cultural marxist enriched outage that's created in a divide and conquer scheme across America right now.

The supposed anger is over history, and what leftists have depicted as anguish over historic leadership that may have had a past in slave ownership or ultra sensitive racial turmoil.

The problem is, contrary to the propaganda spewed by the mainstream media and a handful of leftist pundits, the average American (Democrats included) realize you cannot erase history.

The Fayetteville school superintendent has now canceled a ceremony meant for a lunch environmental program using the basis that the mascot for the campaign was none other than the Revolutionary War hero Marquis de Lafayette, who is believed to have owned slaves.

The issue is, the hero of the Revolutionary War cannot be changed, and Marquis de Lafayette was an extraordinary part of history.

So what it he owned slaves? Slavery wasn't illegal at the time. That argument makes zero sense.

If we're going by that argument, then Rosa Parks should have her name torn down from every building which has it erected into because she broke the law when she refused to ride on the back of the bus. It was illegal then, so she was a criminal.

See how that argument works? Okay.

The Cumberland County Superintendent, Tim Kinlaw, said that he chose to cancel the lunch program due to concerns over sensitivity of such issues which included slavery.

Tim Kinlaw said he received multiple calls from some “community members” concerned that using an America historical leader such as Lafayette would be offensive to some people in Fayetteville.

In essence he chose to cuck to a couple of phone calls, allegedly, versus the overwhelming will of the people which haven't been able to express their own views in a mandate.

The "Flip-Tap-Stack" program in the school system is meant to encourage school children to empty trash from their disposable cafeteria trays into trash cans and to stack the trays for disposal.

Lafayette was the mascot used in that campaign. Seriously that's what all of this is about. It's a joke, almost satirical in the sense of how absolutely retarded this is.

The concept or the campaign is that stacked trays take up less room in landfills, and the students want to help the environment.

The new promotional event was supposed to begin this week, and Tim Kinlaw canceled it the day before it was suppose to start over the racial concern.

It certainly seems to me as if the children are being indoctrinated to erase history that offends them.

The problem is you cannot erase history. So are you not going to teach the children about the Civil War? The crusades? Vietnam? The world wars? Where does it end?

Biographers have contradicted the claim entirely, and say Lafayette was an abolitionist who bought slaves, intending to free them.

The entire argument is petty and moronic and these school “leaders” clearly have ulterior motives which is to indoctrinate the children.


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Anonymous No. 7790 2017-09-08 : 23:37

>The entire argument is petty and moronic and these school “leaders” clearly have ulterior motives which is to indoctrinate the children.

Indoctrination has been a thing in the US school system since long before any of us was born. It is just more evident now because they have become careless.

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