By: Steve Dellar | 09-08-2017 | News
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Man Found Dead with Penis Chopped Off, Placed Next to his Body

For those of you that don’t like gangster movies as much as I do: a Sicilian message is when you find a fish head wrapped in a newspaper in front of your door. If you open the newspaper there will be a name written in it. It means that this man, mostly of your crime gang, is now ‘swimming with the fishes’.

Gangsters are cruel, but you have to admit they do some great messaging amongst each other. There is also going to the mattresses for example, meaning that there is some shooting to go down and you best order some mattresses for the men because it won’t be safe for the men in your crew to return home.

I just can’t figure out for the life of me which message the perpetrator was trying to send with this next one.

Today, a man was found dead in an apartment complex setup to support mental health patients in Bristol with, wait for it, his penis chopped off and placed next to his body.

The deceased was in his late 40s and went by the name of Kamil Ahmed (clearly not a local fellow).

An older resident of the said apartment complex has been arrested in relation to the murder. Mr Jefrrey Barry, 56 years old.

The flats are run by a charity of whom the spokesperson assured reporters that this was the first violent incident they have had since opening the property to mental health patients.

Mr Barry will be tried for murder as from next month. He appeared very calm during his arrest and health officials will be investigating his mental state before the trial commences.

Miss Tabitha Macfarlane, who will represent the state during the trial, said that she was saddened by the loss of life and would try to work out why this terrible ordeal had taken place.

The upcoming trial will be prosecuted by Mr Adam Vaitilingam whilst the defense is to be conducted by Mr David Jeremy QC, who will be assisted by Miss Macfarlane.


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