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$1 Million In Marijuana Seized in Rosewood, CA Residential Neighborhood

It is safe to assume someone inside had watched Blow a while ago, the famous 2001 drug movie featuring Johnny Depp about the rise of a marijuana dealer in California. Because when police officers from Roseville and Placer Country entered two houses in a residential neighborhood in West Park they were astonished at what they found.

We here at The Goldwater are a bit curious as to how they were able to hide the smell, but no less than 1,100 marijuana plants were found. The estimated street value is round and about 1.17 million dollars whilst three people were arrested.

The Roseville Police department released a statement today detailing their bust of early August which they made upon receiving information of suspicious activity around these two houses in the 2300 block of Kinsella Way.

The tenants had covered the windows of the garages and there was none or very little activity it seemed.

When detectives were handed a search warrant, they immediately raided the properties, finding the said plants inside and nothing but sleeping quarters for those individuals tending to them.

The report declared that the marijuana grown at the address was not for use in California but would rather be shipped to New York for black market sales.

Three people of Asian origin, Jinfu Gao, age 65, Wen Guang, age 51, and Xiuqin Zhou, age 61, were placed under arrest for drug use, conspiracy to commit crimes and cultivation of marijuana.

Police furthermore wished to stress the excellent cooperation between the different forces making up the Placer County Special Investigation Unit, which is a taskforce comprised of officers from the California Department of Corrections, California Department of Justice, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office, Placer County Probation, the Roseville Police Department and the Rocklin Police Department. Also the Roseville Police Department’s Crime Suppression Unit helped with the bust.

Given that California lawmakers are currently to get legislation in place to allow marijuana growers and sellers to work alongside each other, and that the first licenses will be issued as from 2018 for this, it seems to us that the criminals could have just gone out and buy it themselves and ship it to New York with a lower profit rate. Then again, who are we to judge.


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Anonymous No. 7789 2017-09-08 : 22:57

What kills me is YOU'RE IN CALIFORNIA!!!! Just do it legit/legal. I really just don't get some people.

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