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DEA Agent Has Five Year Affair With Felon, Shows Her Wire Taps And Evidence Room

A DEA agent going by the pseudonym Grant Stentsen has been accused of multiple unethical abuses of his power. An investigation into Stentsen revealed that he had sex with a felon inside his DEA office as well as in his DEA issued vehicle. Stentsen also allowed the woman he was having an extra-marital affair with to listen to two wire tap recordings and brought her inside restricted areas including the evidence room.

The affair with woman lasted for five years and a report from USA today reporter Brad Heath criticizes the then-DEA Acting Chief Inspector Herman E. "Chuck" Whaley's handling of the investigation. Heath noted that the disciplinary action handed out by the former Chief Inspector to Stentsen was not sufficient since he maintained his job and security clearance despite the violation of protocol going on for years. Whaley handed Stentsen a 45-day suspension nearly a year after the sentence was imposed.

Stentsen admitted to the DEA's Office of Professional Responsibility that he, "Carried on an extramarital affair with a woman who was a convicted criminal; allowed her after-hours access to a DEA office, including a drug evidence room; allowed her to listen to recorded telephone calls of subjects of DEA investigations; and had sex with her on numerous occasions in the DEA office and his DEA vehicle."

The DEA agent met his mistress, Marion Wardman, on the internet in 2008 and he maintained the relationship through 2013. Things eventually went bad when Wardman "became angry" with Stentsen and reported their affair to the authorities after he dismissed her for telling him she was pregnant with his child. The child was born in 2014 and paternity has still not been established.

During an investigation into the allegations Stentsen said he could not recall if he had disclosed any classified materials to Wardman during their five year long affair. Wardman went on to accuse Stentsen of assaulting her on March 25, 2014 when he pulled her over after a baseball game they both attended and slammed her head into her car. A sheriff's report confirmed that Wardman had "swelling and discoloration over her right eye, which corroborated her story of an attack taking place."

Stentsen had already been investigated 11 times prior to the affair. In March 2014, Stentsen's security clearance was revoked but Chief Inspector Whaley stepped in and reinstated it. Stentsen was allowed to continue working as a DEA agent until the chief inspector covering his back finally retired. Stentsen was finally fired in 2016 but has still not been subject to any criminal charges for his actions.


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