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CNN Is A Bigoted Network-There’s No news: Senator Rand Paul Calls

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There are very few politicians who genuinely fight for freedom in the United States, Senator Rand Paul is one of the politicians who pour their efforts into making sure that this important principle on freedom is up-held. Senator Paul does not play by the conventional rules of the game in the political arena, instead, he fights the establishment with unconventional tact in a bid to expose the political machine that serves the oligarchist. He’s known to be a Libertarian anti-politician. Consequently, he’s attracted loads of controversies since filibuster that was ill-famed. However, Senator Rand has constantly fought members of the establishment, both Democrats and Republicans.

Rand resembles Trump when it comes to calling like it sees, this tact has become Paul’s greatest strength. Expect him to sound off on all the folly that’s hounding the mainstream media. Paul was recently all over the media’s case and the results were amusing yet crucial.

In a statement made by Senator Paul in an interview with Matt Boyle of Breitbart News Daily, Paul said that the corporate media is so bigoted that he can hardly turn on CNN in the morning. He also pointed out at CNN’s efforts regarding the potential conflicts of interests. CNN has proved to be prejudiced network and they no longer circulate any news.

The corporate media has always made false claims that their reporters are unbiased but the slightest amount of research proves that’s not the case. The recently concluded election is a perfect example of how the corporate media was obsessed with the idea of Hillary Clinton winning the election that they branded any Trump supporter as racist among other absurd statements. However, the fact that Americans made the decision to elect Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States clearly shows that CNN and the likes are just detached from reality- in their own utopia with the oligarchists.

Senator Rand Paul is a great example of a leader who’s openly pointed out the flaws in the mainstream media despite him not being a supporter of Donald Trump. The corporate media has a liberal bias. However, they openly refuse to admit the facts, they try to act as if they are completely unbiased.

They are very proficient at writing off libertarians as being psychopaths while they don’t give conservatives a fair shake, they are very good at insinuating that everything on the right is wrong while the left is correct. It would be ideal for more leaders to call out the prejudice in the corporate media and stop the hypocrisy before it erodes the society.

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