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Charlottesville Victim Died of Heart Attack According to Mother - Supports On-Scene Video

A video has been released showing an interview with Susan Bro, the mother of the only fatality during the Charlottesville vehicular assault. In the video, Heather Heyer's mother can be heard saying that her daughter died as a result of a heart attack shortly after James Alex Fields drove his Dodge Charger into a crowd of people.

The counter-protesters were gathered against a Unite The Right rally that was taking place in Charlottesville, Virginia. The implication is that Heyer's did not die from injuries sustained when the car slammed into the group of counter-protesters, but rather from a heart attack.

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If Heather Heyer did not die from injuries sustained from the vehicle, but rather from heart failure, it seems it could problematic for prosecutors looking to try James Alex Fields for second-degree murder.

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In these still images from a video posted on YouTube, a person who seems to be Heyer can be seen walking in the moments leading up to the attack.

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To add to the controversy, one man who claims he was standing 20 feet away from Heather Heyer when she stopped breathing says that when bystanders and EMT's began performing CPR on her they were stopped from doing so by a state trooper.

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A video posted on YouTube shows EMTs trying to save Heyer before a trooper walks over to apparently intervene and she is carried away. One of the most important aspects of CPR is making sure that oxygen is delivered to the brain from chest compression at an effective depth and speed. After two minutes of chest compressions and help from EMTs as well as bystanders, a state trooper stops the people from providing life support to the Heyer. This video seems to corroborate the man's story, so why were the people performing chest compressions to keep Heyer alive stopped? And if Heyer died as a result of a heart attack, what does this mean for the driver of the vehicle, James Alex Fields?

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