By: Earnest Jones | 12-16-2016 | News
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The Oxymoron: Obama 'pretends to be Morally Outraged' Over Russia Hacking

President Barack Obama is the most hypocritical president of all time in the history of the United States of America. The recent allegations that the Russians hacked the DNC emails begs the crucial question as to why White House failed to respond to the incidence more quickly but instead had to wait for the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to lose the election for it to respond.

It’s surprising how Obama was never worried about hacking for the last eight years of his tenure in the White House. Laura Ingraham who is a talk host and a possible candidate for the position of the press secretary in the Trump’s administration reported the same notion to the WND emphasizing on the fact that President Obama has never been worried about cybersecurity and foreign hacking while in office but after Hillary Clinton lost, he’s suddenly whining about hacking.

Ingraham continued to point out that China hacked millions of sensitive background checks of the U.S. government employees and Obama had nothing to say. This clearly shows how selective Obama’s moral outrage is.

In an incidence that occurred last year on July, two major breaches were reported by U.S. officials, they had occurred the previous year when U.S. government databases that had security-clearance files and personal records of at least 22.1 million people with some who had retired.

In what appears to be an excuse, the White House spokesman Josh Earnest made a statement on Wednesday saying that President Obama faced resistance from Republican congressmen and that the high-tech U.S. is more vulnerable to an escalating cyber-war than Russia. However, the White House spokesman refused to confirm if the U.S. had retaliated to the attack.

In a statement made by Fox News host Sean Hannity, President Obama pretends to be morally outraged over Russian hacking and influence. However, in his tenure, he has done nothing on cybersecurity for the last eight years. The U.S has experienced the worst hacks while Obama was in office, the Department of Energy was hacked, NASA, the U.S. Postal Service, the FEC Commission, Department of Defense, the IRS, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

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