By: Kyle James | 09-07-2017 | News
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Teacher In China Caught Slapping 30 Middle School Students In The Face

A teacher in China who was caught slapping his students on video has been forced to go door to door and apologize to each one of them. The video that went viral this last Sunday on Chinese social media showed

a middle school teacher in Anhui province slap students once for each mistake they made on their homework.

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The video was shot on the first day of back to school from summer vacation and represented a rough start for the students of the teacher's class. Beijing News reports the teacher had the students write some classical poetry from memory and each time they made a mistake they were slapped in front of the whole class. Initial reports said the teacher slapped a total of 20 students but the number has been increased to 38. Social media users were furious with the man, some even suggested the students should get to slap the teacher back.

One of the teacher's colleagues at the middle school said that the teacher in question takes his job far too seriously. He also takes the student's test results too seriously often resulting in what he described as 'brutal punishment'.


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