By: Steve Dellar | 09-07-2017 | Entertainment
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Stephen King’s IT Is About To Break Box Office Opening Records

For the past week, all movie fans could read about was how the summer box office was the lowest in 20 years’ time and that Hollywood is suffering from follow-up fever (Guardian of the Galaxy 2, Spiderman (we’ve lost count), Fast and Furious 8, and so on).

The only steady segment in Hollywood over the past few years to make some real money compared to production cost, has remained horror, which the millennials are flocking to like crazy.

So it was only natural that Hollywood would come up with a solution to excite both the millennials and any prior generation.

If box office preview numbers are to be believed, they have found that in ‘IT’, Stephen King’s thriller which gave us 20 years of murderous clown movies and made sure we never looked at the circus funnymen with the same view again.

‘Pennywise’ is about to be let loose on the screen as from this weekend, and Hollywood believes it could smash the box office for about 75million dollars at opening weekend alone. Compared to an Avengers movie or Wonder Woman that is pennies on the dollar I hear you say. Yes it is, but the production cost of one of those movies, marketing included, lies around 200 million dollars. ‘IT’ costed about 35 million dollars to make.

‘IT’ was directed by Argentine director Andy Muschietti, known for the 2013 horror film “Mama”. The role of murderous clown Pennywise is taken by Bill Skarsgard who will terrorize the hell out of the young children in Derry, Maine.

The upcoming movie was already adapted into a network miniseries, but that didn’t really pan out very well according to creator Stephen King. He is however promoting the cinema release best he can.

If successful at the box office, it only remains to be seen whether ‘IT’ can become a horror franchise for the millennial generation to see just as Friday the 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street were for cinemagoers around in the 1980s and 1990s. Yes, the good old days.


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