By: Savannah Smith | 09-07-2017 | News
Photo credit: Breaking 911

NYPD Police Shoots a Man Brandishing Knife and Fake Pistol In Bronx Apartment

NYPD Police responded on Wednesday around four in the afternoon for a wellness check request of a landlord located at 3700 Pratt Avenue, who said he was concerned about a particular tenant whom he had not seen for some time.

The landlord led the officers from the 47 Precinct to the 3rd floor of the apartment complex for the tenant in question upon their arrival.

The officers were met by a 31-year-old man brandishing a knife in his left hand when they opened the door to his unit, while concealing his right hand behind his back. The officers tried to peacefully talk to the man several times to drop the knife. The tenant however continued to defy the officers' command.

While the police were still trying to negotiate for the man to surrender or drop the knife, a second team of officers arrived, one of whom was equipped with a taser. At that point, they also noticed what seemed to be a silver firearm the man was hiding in his right hand behind his back.

The officers again gave the man orders to drop the gun, whether it was authentic or not. The authorities said they emphasized to the man that they didn’t want to hurt or harm him, but the tenant refused to follow orders. Instead he raised his right hand with what appeared to be a gun in the direction of the officers. At that point, the officer decided to deploy the taser, while two other officers simultaneously discharged their service weapons.

The man was shot and hit several times. He was later pronounced dead at the scene.

The gun in the man’s possession was later discovered to be a fake pistol.

The probe is ongoing and the details shared were based only from preliminary investigation. It is also not clear yet if the officers went overboard in shooting the man, given that it was not certain what exactly he was suspected to be guilty of when the police acted on the landlord’s request. It is not clear, whether it would have been easy to just subdue the man given that he was brandishing a knife to the officers' guns, unless they were fully convinced at that time that it was a real firearm the man was hiding behind his back.


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Anonymous No. 7716 2017-09-07 : 10:02

suicide by cop.

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