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Two New Hurricanes Emerge Creating A Deadly Trio Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before

The hurricane that struck Texas was one of the worst tropical storms in years, but Hurricane Harvey is nothing compared to the disaster-trio currently circling in the Atlantic. What weather reports once thought to be one hurricane, hurricane Irma, has now been updated to include two more deadly cyclones. Now three gigantic hurricanes are making their way to the Southern United States. Along with Hurricane Irma in the Atlantic is Hurricane Jose packing it's own wind speeds of 75 mph.

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In the Gulf of Mexico is Hurricane Katia about 175 miles north of Veracruz, Mexico and heading south east. Both of the new additions started off as tropical storms but have since been updated to full-fledged hurricanes since Wednesday afternoon. Thankfully, neither of these two new hurricanes are nowhere near the size of Hurricane Irma. Hurricane Irma is the largest hurricane ever on record in the Atlantic ocean and is the size of the entire state of Texas. Irma made her way through Barbuda early Wednesday morning with Category 5 wind speeds. The hurricane caused widespread damage to the island destroying over 90% of its structures and vehicles.

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Thankfully only one death has been reported due to the hurricane thus far. Weather Channel meteorologist, Ari Sarsalari, said in regards to one of the smaller storms, Hurricane Jose, "This one doesn’t pose as much of a threat to the direct southeastern United States as Irma does but the Leeward Islands would end up with another one-two punch … This could be pretty bad for them." NHC meteorologists are keeping a watchful eye on the third of the storms, Hurricane Katia, but say "Little motion is expected in the next day or so."


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Please Note:

Due to Trump's travel and Visa restrictions, Hurricane Jose will not be allowed to enter the USA. ☺

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