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Video : White Man Tried to Pay for Items a Black Man Shoplifted, Gets Hit with Ax in the Face

In a savage and violent attack in West Hollywood California, a victim at a 7-Eleven was severely injured by an armed man with an ax.

Police say that the victim, a white man, witnessed a black suspect shoplifting and approached the man to tell him what he was doing is wrong, and he offered to pay for the items for the thief because it was the right thing to do.

That's when police say that 41 year old Kisu Brady Brown pulled out an ax and began repeatedly hitting the good samaritan in the face and body.

"It's a very gruesome attack, and we're hoping we can get an attempted murder charge filed against this individual," said Sergeant Jeffrey Bishop of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The victim said he witnessed Brown stealing from the store and then offered to pay for his items to prevent the crime, because he's a compassionate liberal Christian.

One of the victim's friends who was still shopping in the store said that he saw the attack, as can be seen in surveillance video wearing orange, and came rushing to his friends aid.

"The suspect walks away. He's still in view of the camera. He then turns around and continues to chop at the victim's face while he's lying on the ground before he flees," Bishop said.

A woman who teaches at an acting school nearby, Caryn West, recognized the suspect from surveillance video and police are now hunting for him.

"I've always wondered because there's so much of this happening in this area and it's been a long-term problem. I worry about my own safety coming around because there are homeless people in the parking lot and walking around the 7-Eleven to class," she said.

The victim has what is described by doctors as serious injuries as a result of the vicious attack with an ax, but is expected to survive.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said that the suspect had multiple prior felony and assault convictions in his record.

Police know his last previous residence but the man has not been home since the attack, and it's believed he is currently fleeing authorities.

Anyone who may have information on the whereabouts of Kisu Brady Brown is asked to contact the West Hollywood Los Angeles County Sheriff's Station at 1-310-855-8850 and are being told do not approach the man due to his violent nature.


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Anonymous No. 7672 2017-09-06 : 20:04

"Diversity is our strength!"

This is diversity. This is equality.

Which way will you go, white man?

Anonymous No. 7673 2017-09-06 : 20:56

Maybe some one will find him 1st before the police do ☺.

Because, I see no need to waste taxpayer $$$$$ on arrest, a trial or sentencing. The Video has already convicted him.

But !, since its Liberal CA., he'll likely get counseling, be out in 5, with a BS degree in Criminal Justice.

My vote would life and with dual thumb and 1st finger amputations.

Anonymous No. 7676 2017-09-06 : 22:02

This is why we can't have nice things

Anonymous No. 7681 2017-09-07 : 01:48

That piece of shit needs to ride the lighting.

Anonymous No. 7759 2017-09-08 : 08:18

Kill all savages

Anonymous No. 7840 2017-09-09 : 19:41

that's kind of expect when you commune with an animal

this attack and all other prove they are savage , soulless beings

Versace No. 7873 2017-09-10 : 10:51

Of course the libtard fake lying news will ignore this. They have to keep the fake narrative alive.

The victim had better get redpilled, and QUICK!

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