By: Savannah Smith | 12-15-2016 | News
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Ivanka Trump Set To Take Over White House's East Wing?

President-elect Donald Trump's transition team is reportedly already preparing the East Wing part of the White House where the current office of the First Lady is located for First Daughter Ivanka Trump. This is another indication that Ivanka is indeed going to take on probably the most significant and prominent role in Trump's administration among his family members.

Ivanka is poised to take on some of the duties normally assigned to the first lady, including playing the part of the Washington hostess, the same role Michelle Obama has taken on during her husband's eight years in office. Ivanka being articulate, confident and knowledgeable on issues is being described as someone who is a natural fit for the job. And her immediate availability may also be playing a contributing factor to what many see as her being the de facto first lady since Trump's wife, Melania, is not expected to move to the White House until June next year as she staying put in New York until son Barron can finish the school year.

But the go-getter and assertive Ivanka is not expected to be confined with hosting duties as she is likely to take a more active role in advising her father on issues important to her like family and child concerns and climate change issues. She is poised to have a voice and measure of influence in prospective policy initiatives. The incoming Chief Executive all but confirmed Ivanka's role in his presidency when he sent Twitter messages this week declaring that his sons will take over their family business empire, leaving out Ivanka. Trump also told Fox News over the weekend that Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner are both " very talented people" and that he " would love to be able to have them involved". He also said that Ivanka is so strongly into women's issues and childcare and that " nobody could do better than her."

While no formal title for a political White House job has been given to Ivanka yet, preparing an office in the East Wing normally reserved for the First Lady is one of the biggest signs yet that Ivanka will be a key part of Trump's government. Trump's transition team has yet to confirm the reports of the East Wing office for Ivanka, though, even as close sources say everything is in the works.

Whether as the nation's " surrogate mother" or " cool friend", the role of the First Lady is nothing to scoff at or belittle. The White House's social functions remain a critical segment of any presidential administration's work as these help set the tone for the President's interactions with hugely accomplished and reputable people as well as ordinary Americans.

And since Ivanka is poised to fulfill such role, while taking on policy work as well, then it's not a difficult prediction to make that she will become even more powerful than Michelle Obama ever was.

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