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Photo credit: Pinellas County Sheriff

Florida Couple has Four-Loko Fueled Sex Rage on Beach

Sometimes human nature is uncontrollable, and when that human nature is a sexual frenzy it makes it even harder to resist the temptation.

However, when the humans participating in that sexual desire are hopped up on Four-Loko it makes it even less likely they'll be able to avoid the desire for sexual gratification.

That's exactly what happened in Clearwater, Florida, as beachgoers and families out for a relaxing day on the beach were forced to witness a live sex action porno right in broad daylight.

Police say that 50 year old Jeffrey Kernan and 26 year old Alexandria Howell of Winter Haven, Florida were engaged in freaky wild sex in the sand as witnesses stood in awe of their pleasure.

“This was in front of families and children,” police said in the arrest affidavit.

Authorities say that one woman described Kernan as to have been performing “intense oral sex” on Howell, and she “was screaming wildly as if she was on cloud nine”.

Once police arrived the couple had open containers or Four-Loko, and said they were just in the mood.

Fortunately police didn't charge the couple with public indecency, just for the two open containers of alcohol which aren't permitted on Florida beaches in most areas.

Police said Kernan was released Monday afternoon upon posting $250 bond while Rowell remains in custody.

I suppose her orgasm from the oral sex given by Kernan was her payment.


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