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Nukey McNukeface App Updates Your Geographical Risk NK Nukes

With the mad dictator Kim Jong-un gaining more and more nuclear capabilities, it leaves the rest of the world to wonder just how safe are we? The tensions are high as Kim continues testing nuclear bombs and missiles capable of carrying them. Some think war is inevitably on the horizon and we should begin preparing now for catastrophe.

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One man North Carolina man has already started preparing for the worst by creating an app that is capable of simulating the potential affected area from a nuclear strike. Christian Lilley, 26, has created an app he calls 'Nukey McNukeface' that combines missile range estimates with potential blast radius's. The software is then capable of finding which population centers are in range tells users whether they are close enough to be affected by the blast. Lilley says, "This started a few weeks ago when North Korea was threatening to nuke Guam. I was curious so I did a Google search for what their missile range was, and I was surprised by the results. In the US most people see North Korea nuclear threats as a joke. I wanted to make a simple fun way to inform people that the threat was real."

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Lilley continued, "I started with US state capitals and country capitals. These cities show a 100km radius which represents the affected area from a nuclear blast." Lilley works at a software firm called Citrix and says the next update for the app will add other nuclear-capable countries along with their potential targets.

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Anonymous No. 7664 2017-09-06 : 15:57

S o given the articles displayed map .

NK can nuke a Majority of the most Liberal Cities in the US, but can't dump in the Southeast US.

The 2 questions now have become…

1. Can we absorb a 1st strike and wait to respond?

2. Will Atlanta or Charleston be the new capital? ☺

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