By: Steve Dellar | 09-06-2017 | News
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Jeremy Clarkson Quits Smoking: ‘I’ve Murdered Only Three People In The Past Two Days’

As we’ve told you a few months ago, the former host of world famous car show Top Gear Jeremy Clarkson had to be hospitalized over the summer due to deteriorating health. You can find that article here:

Jeremy Clarkson, 57, who moved to Amazon to present new show The Grand Tour, together with his co-hosts, is doing a lot better. And yesterday he showed off his improved health (and new girlfriend, 46-year old Lisa Hogan) to the British cameras for the evening of the GQ awards.

Grand Tour co-stars Richard Hammond and James May shared in their enthusiasm when the trio picked up the award for TV personalities of the year.

Clarkson commented on his improved health as he had recovered from the pneumonia attack which he suffered whilst on holiday, and stated that he had quit smoking (2 packs a day for almost 50 years) on doctor’s advice, which helped him a lot.

Despite a 40-a-day habit that stretched into five decades, Clarkson said lung tests showed he still had 96 per cent capacity for a person his age.

"In short, getting on for three-quarters of a million fags have not harmed me in any way. I have quite literally defied medical science. I’ve smoked nearly 630,000 fags over the past 43 years and, aside from the very first, there hasn’t been a single one that I didn’t enjoy. But then, as you may have heard, I got pneumonia while I was on holiday, and I was told, by everyone, that I had to stop.”

When asked about the side effects that most people who quit suffer from, Clarkson answered in his typical fashion: "Because of it, I’ve murdered only three people in the past two days, and one of those was an Uber driver so that doesn’t really count. What’s more, I spend so much time chewing gum, I can’t eat, and as a result, since I gave up, I’ve lost a stone. True fact, that.”

We here at the Goldwater wish him all the best, as we can’t get enough of his car shows. Keep it up, Jeremy.


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