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Woman Trapped Upside Down In Window After Trying To Retrieve Her Poop

In possibly the most bizarre Tinder date ever, a British woman got stuck upside down in a window while trying to pick up her poop. How did feces get between the windows? An unnamed amateur gymnast had to use the restroom but panicked when it wouldn't flush down the toilet she attempted to throw it out the window into the garden. The problem is there were two windows and the feces became lodged between them. The amateur gymnast became stuck when she thought she could shimmy her way over the window and reach down into the gap.

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The woman's date, Mr. Liam Smith, was obliged to call the Avon Fire and Rescue service to come and free the trapped woman. Mr. Smith said he was stuck with a $530 bill for the broken window. He explained he is a University of Bristol student and he can't afford to pay the $530 bill. "As a postgraduate student, that is a significant chunk of my monthly budget," he said. That is when he created a crowd funding campaign on GoFundMe to help pay for the damages. Mr. Smith initially set the goal at $260 but the campaign has gone viral and raised over $1,500.

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<span style="margin-top:15px;rgba(42,51,6,0.7);font-size:12px;">Credit: Liam Smith/</span>

He has since updated the campaign on the crowdfunding site to say he will be splitting the proceeds between two charities, one that supports firefighters and another that builds flushing toilets in developing countries. He also received several offers to replace the window for free. The embarrassed woman was eventually freed after firefighters spent 15 minutes breaking out the window with hammers and other tools.

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Anonymous No. 7640 2017-09-06 : 07:51

Monkeys also throw feces. Is this proof that we are genetically related to monkeys?

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