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Border Patrol Agents Crackdown on Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) Gang Members in Ohio

President Trump and United States Department of Justice alongside the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the United States Border Patrol, local and state law enforcement, all in cooperation with the Federal Bureau of Investigation; have declared war upon the criminal illegal alien gang known as Mara Salvatrucha aka MS-13 in the United States.

“There is no corner of the United States of America they can hide in. There is no stone that will go unturned. There is no Sanctuary that we will not hunt them inside of. They are ruthless, and they are violent, and we are going to defeat them from Coast to Coast,” said Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Once again those words are ringing true, as Border Patrol Agents have made two high profile arrests from the MS-13 gang in Northern Ohio.

The men who were apprehended by the United States Border Patrol, Juan Carlos Rivera-Flores, and Wilson Antonio Miranda-Rivera, were both illegal aliens who the Federal Government consider to be top tier level criminals inside the organization.

It would be the equivalent of arresting the Mafia’s Godfather and one of his Lieutenants, in terms of how high ranking these two “Generals” were within the criminal syndicate.

While MS-13 has regional leaders, one no single head to their hydra, these two were very powerful responsible for tens of billions in East Coast heroin and methamphetamine trafficking across the span of 21 states.

Ohio has long since been known as a key location for the organization, where they've had a stronghold in the drug trafficking network.

Most of these vile savages bring in large quantities of their toxic poison and then, in turn, spread the cancerous drug plague down to lower level criminal gangs in the inner cities all across the Midwest and New England, who then peddle the drugs directly to lower level dealers or to customers who are addicts.

Heroin is a rampant problem in the Midwest, and New England. Ohio actually leads the entire nation in heroin overdoses with over 4,000 deaths last year alone. 2017 is expected to well exceed those numbers as well.

“These arrests serve as a prime example of our agency’s commitment to prevent dangerous people from living in our communities,” said Chief Patrol Agent Douglas Harrison. “I'm extremely proud of our agents' diligence and dedication to duty!”

Both of the men detained have lengthy criminal histories including charges of terrorism inside the United States, trafficking in unregistered high power assault rifles, and a massive criminal network of drug trafficking.

Somehow under Obama nothing was done to stop these terrorists, that's what they are, while they continued to be responsible for the poison and gang violence killing tens of thousands all across the United States.

President Trump, however, has given federal agents the lead way to do whatever is necessary to hunt down these monsters and get them the hell out of our country or behind bars where they belong.

Both of these vile creatures are being detained in the Seneca County Jail until trial.


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