By: Steve Dellar | 09-05-2017 | News
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African Gang Rape On Italian Beach Fuels Anger Towards Migrants

Italy is taking more than its fair share of immigrants as from this year. After the Balkan countries in Eastern Europe closed the road from Greece, African immigrants have two roads left: Spain or Italy via boat.

Italy has taken in a lot of immigrants already and is looking to the other European countries for help dealing with the problem. So far they are not really receiving help.

This latest news will not improve the mood of Italian voters who are turning ever more hostile towards migrants.

This Sunday, police arrested the last of a gang of four gang rapists who violated a Polish woman on a beach after beating her companion unconscious in Rimini.

The last man was a 20-year old male from West Africa, named Guerlin Butungu. He had been admitted to stay in Italy for humanitarian reasons and was caught boarding a train to Milan (and from there to France, he had already bought the tickets) in an attempt to flee the country.

Local Rimini chief of Police, Mr Maurizio Improta said that: "The arrest this morning was doubly satisfying because putting the handcuffs on the fourth man were two women police officers. This symbolic gesture rendered justice to the victims of the violence."

The other three males were all minors were already in police custody as from Saturday night. Two were Moroccan brothers aged 15 and 17. They had turned themselves into the hands of police after the authorities had shown surveillance camera footage on Italian national TV.

Meanwhile Poland is getting into the row as well. Given that the victim was Polish, the have requested extradition of the foursome. So far the Italian authorities have not reacted.

The Polish deputy minister of justice, Mr Patryk Jaki, said: “the four, if found guilty, should face very high punishment as an example, because the punishment should be preventive and make others think seven times before they try to commit such a crime."


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Anonymous No. 7624 2017-09-05 : 19:51

What is wrong with all the countries taking in these migrants. Just put an end to it. Make them stay in their own country!

Anonymous No. 7628 2017-09-06 : 00:23

I think some are conveniently forgetting some "details" like their actual country of birth? That way no one wants them back and the place they get caught up ends up being "home"? The US has similar issues with Central Americans from south of Mexico saying they are Mexican but Mexico has no record nor wants them back.

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