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'More Dead Cops' Banner Found Hanging on New York Overpass

Blue Lives Matter. The men and women who put on the uniform each and every day to protect the American people in cities all across the country deserve praise.

They suit up and put their lives in the line without hesitation and they're under attack, from the Anarcho-Communist left wing of American society.

Such disrespect and complete disregard for American law enforcement officers has become far too prevalent in our culture, and it has to stop.

Once again that hatred and ignorance was found on full display in Albany, New York, as a banner saying “More Dead Cops” with an Anarchist symbol was found hanging above the interstate on an overpass.

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“They were ignorant. They put the sign on the overpass, but it’s insignificant. The police are resilient,” said now retired Troy Police Cpt. John Cooney.

Cooney says while it's disgusting to have such a violent rhetoric spit in police officer’s faces the “legality of the incident is murky at best.”

It's one of those signs of the times we live in, where culture has exceeded the normal form of protest to outright hate and death threats.

“Legality on this issue is an extremely difficult issue to ponder. There could be trespass issues; there could be unlawful use of property type of issues with the state and whoever has ownership and responsibility for the bridge. But the argument could be made that free speech, and we get to do what we want,” he said.

Even though this is disgusting, Cooney says this and similar incidents are largely insignificant to police because they're so used to seeing it now on a daily basis.

“It’s a waste of their time, and to be frank, to worry about the statement that was on the banner today would be a waste of our time. We will continue to do our job and serve the citizens as we always have,” he said.

Locals however who appreciate the police and regard them as the heroes who protect them weren't as mused by the sign and expressed their own disgust over the incident.

“It’s absolute horror. We’re talking about people that put their lives on the line every day for strangers for not a lot of money, and they’re getting so disrespected,” resident Johnathan Falk said.

Police say they are now looking into the matter, but it's unlikely they'll find the culprits responsible. It's just another reminder that our men and women in uniform face serious threats.


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