By: Steve Dellar | 09-05-2017 | News
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Junkie Couple Jailed For Stomping Their 21-Month Old Daughter To Death

Horrible news reaches us from the UK today, where the courts have reviewed the case of a junkie couple that was jailed for killing their own 21 month old daughter by stomping repeatedly on the chest. The UK courts have today ruled on the responsibility, if any, of the social worker who was counseling the mother.

The report that has been released states that the social worker had put the wellbeing of the mother first and therefore ignored signs indicating that the toddler was in danger, as well as repeated warnings from the biological father.

The little girl, Ayeeshia-Jayne Smith, was killed by her own mother Kathryn Smith when she stomped the toddler chest repeatedly till her heart stopped.

The coronary exam showed that she was attacked with such force that it resulted in a fatal heart injury, three broken ribs and that the little girl had bitten through her own tongue.

The extremely thin and clearly underfed toddler weighed just 10 kilograms when she died.

For this horrible act, Ms Smith was jailed for 19 years. Her then boyfriend, Matthew Rigby, was jailed for 3 years as an accomplice.

The biological father of the girl, Ricky, had warned social services on two separate occasions that this would happen.

The report also reveals that Derbyshire County Council, where this took place, knew of the instances of drug use, violence and child neglect that were frequently taking place at the home where the toddler resided.

However, the social worker handling the case and advising the mother so she could get back on the employment market, stated in her counseling report that the mothering skills of Ms Kathryn Smith had seemingly improved and that taking the toddler away from her would not improve the family situation.

Two weeks later, the drug addicted mother sadly killed her own child in a fit of rage as it wouldn’t stop crying.


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