By: Earnest Jones | 12-15-2016 | News
Photo credit: The Goldwater

Global Satanic Ritual Abuse Pedophile Ring Used The Pizzagate Shooter Who Was Literally An Actor

The mainstream media recently reported that a 28-year-old armed shooter had walked into Comet Ping Pong to confront the restaurant, he had showed up to self-investigate the Pizzagate scandal and he was armed to save children. The corporate media made so much effort in publicizing the incidence amidst the heated up Pizzagate scandal. The shooter was confirmed to be Edgar Maddison Welch.

The alternative media has successfully reported on the Pizzagate scandal and American citizens have awakened to the sad facts of what the evil oligarchists are doing to the younger generations. The awakening has filled the elites with a lot of fear as they’ve realized that truth is gradually coming up. They’ve thus devised ways of countering the truth as it comes up, using their favorite tool, the mainstream media, the evil elites are working tirelessly to clamp down on the alternative media since the reports on the scandal were unveiled.

Their plan is evident, with the help of the media, the oligarchist want to brand the Pizzagate scandal as a fake news hoax that had brought about so much violence in the country. The recent unfolding’s are a clear indication that plans are underway to create a problem, reaction, and a solution.

There have been photos from Welch’s arrest that are circulating the media. However, the photos appear to be a still shot from a movie scene. However, Edgar Maddison Welch is literally an actor who has been involved in several works such as The Mill (2008), A Tale About Bootlegging (2005) and Mute (2011). Surprisingly, Welch acted as a shooter in a film titled Something About Pizza back in 2005. It’s therefore evident that Welch qualified as a crisis actor who was ideal for the Pizzagate psychological operation role.

The whole intention of setting up the actor was to discredit the alternative media and also discredit the existence and hide the activities of the Global Satanic Ritual Abuse Pedophile Ring. It’s well known that false flags are always designed like movies; there are scripts, actors, technical support, sets, and most importantly the rigged media.

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