By: Steve Dellar | 09-05-2017 | News
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Syria - Desperate ISIS Now Sends Their Women To The Front Line

Desperate to hold on to their last stronghold of Raqqa in Syria, the terrorist death cult known as ISIS, is now offering up their most prized possessions, their jihadi brides who previously had only been actively used as a female police force in Raqqa.

However, with the situation looking direr every day for ISIS, they have now clearly upped the number of female suicide bombers.

An analyst for ISH Markit stated that: “Despite ISIS’ claims to the contrary, urging women to seek an active role in combat is most likely an attempt to reduce the impact of severe manpower shortages. This is caused by the decimation of male fighters, and a recruitment crisis. It is yet unclear whether the spike in female suicide bombings is simply a result of the final pockets of ISIS resistance or women compelled by the group to execute those attacks, or whether it represents the beginning of a wider trend of female fighters willing to take in part in the group’s battles."

The best-known case of a captured ISIS jihadi fighter was that of 16-year-old German teenager Linda Wenzel, who was captured by Iraqi forces during the recapture of the city of Mosul in Iraq. After interrogation of the teenager, it became clear that ISIS had sent her out to kill incoming Iraqi troops.

12 more ISIS women have been arrested who had the same intent.

Furthermore, well over 40 women carried out suicide bombings in the old area of the city. allegedly, some of the explosions seem to have also killed their own children.

ISIS is fighting a losing battle though. Just Sunday, the official news agency of the Kurdish Peshmerga sent out a message stating that some 65% of Raqqa’s provincial capital has been ‘liberated’ while 2,000 hostages were freed from ISIS captivity over the past month.


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