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Utah Hospital Reacts To Illegal Arrest Of Nurse By Barring Police From Future Interactions

Alex Wubbels, a nurse at University of Utah Hospital, found herself at the center of a controversial video this past week when she was forcefully arrested without cause. Wubbels was working at the hospital when an angry police detective, Jeff Payne, chased her around the hospital before wrestling her into handcuffs after she refused to give him a patient's blood sample without the proper paperwork required to do so. Now the University of Utah Hospital has banned all contact between police officers and nurses.

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The new rules the hospital has created also bars officers from patient-care areas and any direct contact with nurses. The interim chief executive of the hospital, Gordon Crabtree, said he was "deeply troubled" by the arrest during a press conference. Alex Wubbels is being praised as a hero for standing up for her patients rights. Crabtree praised Wubbels himself for "putting her own safety at risk" and vowed that he would not let it happen again. Police will now have to deal with "house supervisors" instead of nurses when they have a request for the hospital. This will help ensure that nurses are allowed to devote themselves entirely to patient care while special administrative staff deal with police requests.

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This probably should have been the police to begin with as nurses are not lawyers and shouldn't be put in a position of being the deciding factor of whether a patients rights are violated. Two of the police department employees have been placed on administrative leave pending a criminal investigation currently underway.

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