By: Savannah Smith | 09-05-2017 | News
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Will Liberals Finally Leave First Openly Gay Trump Appointee Alone?

The White House has just announced the appointment of Ric Grenell as U.S. Ambassador to Germany.

Should Grenell, 50, gets confirmed by the Senate for the crucial diplomatic post, he would become the first openly gay appointee of President Donald Trump.

Grenell is a proud member of the LGBT community. He is also a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2013 and underwent chemotherapy. Months later, his cancer was in remission. After winning his battle with the disease, Grenell developed chemo wave, an app that monitors patients’ reactions to chemotherapy.

Perhaps being openly gay and with his humble contributions for patients’ undergoing chemotherapy, it would be easy now for the left to support his nomination, compared with their hostile and contentious stance against past Trump appointees?

Given the left’s propensity to find fault in just about anyone who does not belong to their ideological leanings, even Grenell, gay and cancer survivor, may still face some opposition from the never-content leftists and liberals.

For one, they may fault Grenner for being an all-out Trump supporter from the start. Then they may nitpick on his history as he served for eight years under George W. Bush as U.S. spokesperson at the United Nations. And the liberals may criticize the fact that Grenner once served as a contributor to their much-maligned and hated TV network, Fox News.

Grenner is also a founder of Capitol Media Partners, an international communications firm.

Grenner is ready and very willing to take on the post. It is also a pivotal role to take at this point when Germany has hinted the past recent months that it has doubts on U.S. remaining a “friend” to the European giant.

Grenner is expected to take his post at the end of this year - that is if the left will leave him alone, and let his credentials speak for themselves, rather than blocking another Trump ally they don’t like simply for not sharing their beliefs. Perhaps they should focus on the things that they can unite with Grnner like LGBT issues rather than find fault again and remain divisive.


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Jew No. 7601 2017-09-05 : 06:08

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Nazi No. 7606 2017-09-05 : 08:46

Oy vey, stop making the chosen people look bad with your poor use of grammar.

Here's your sentence with apostrophes added "It doesn't matter if he's a idiot hes a idiot you stupid darkies."

Now the reason for both apostrophes in this case is that they are apostrophes of contraction. They're allowing us to combine two words into one. i.e he's = he is and doesn't = does not

There's also apostrophes of possession, which is probably also worth going over. For example, lets take someone called Mr Shekelstien. He has a pen. So it's Mr Shekelstien's pen. We have the apostrophe here to indicate possession of the pen. Note that it's after the "s" in the case of a plural. So if we had several people called Mr Sheklestien and they all had pens, it's be Mr Skeklestiens' pens. If we had one Jew, who owned multiple pens, it'd be Mr Sheklestien's pens.

I hope this helped.

Use bad grammar again and…

Anonymous No. 7613 2017-09-05 : 11:54

While at it, an should be used in front of idiot.

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